Management Integrated Systems Policy

1. Conform to the requirements of the partners, applicable law, the specific standard to its business and the best management practices;


2. Promote the continual improvement of the performance of the Management Integrated Systems, in accordance with the needs and expectations of the stakeholders;

3. Gain a position of leadership through the Quality of the products and services offered, guided by competitiveness with the creation of value for the interested parties, through service that is focused on the customers and through innovation in the search for better solutions and opportunities for growing the business;

4. Guarantee compliance with the good practices of Food Safety and a system to analyse the dangers and critical points with dynamic and monitored control, supported by internal and external communication;

5. Identify the environmental aspects and impacts arising from its business activity, establishing measures to control, monitor and prevent the pollution of the Environment;

6. Establish a risk-prevention policy for Occupational Health and Safety, based on the identification of hazards and risk analysis, with a view to their elimination/minimisation, making the necessary means available;

7. Invest in the on-going training of its employees, respect and appreciation for individual differences and human rights, participate in and support institutions of health and social solidarity as the foundations of Social Responsibility;

8. The dissemination of this Policy, the definition of the corresponding objectives and goals according to the management systems, is a commitment on the part of the entire Organisation, with the intent of sharing the responsibility and involving everyone.

May 2014