Hole in the Wall

The Concept:

1. A Logoplaste company integrated in the customer’s building and infrastructure.

2. Logoplaste invest in machinery, plant equipment and utilities.

3. Purchasing of raw materials.

4. Fully integrated in the supply chain process.

5. Delivering packaging just- in- time according to the customer requirement.

6. Management of the entire packaging production, including employees.

7. Investing for a sustainable medium to long term partnership.


Differentiation factors of Logoplaste:

1. Product innovation and design.

2. Faster time to market.

3. Reduction of capital expenditure and increase in ROI (return on investment).

4. Shareholder commitment that comes with a family founded business.

5. A business model that reinforces a long term view of business collaboration.

6. A proven expert in “hole in the wall”.