The CADin Project

CADin, a Child Development Center promoted by Logoplaste, is a non-profit private institution, which provides assistance and support for children and teenagers with developmental disorders. The CADin provides support to children in the areas of Neurology, Psychiatry and Physiatrics. A large number of disorders are covered by the highly-skilled professional team and support staff.

Back in 2003, Logoplaste, the promoter of this project, invited a number of entrepreneurial partners to make this dream come true. Those who participate have made it their commitment in the area of social responsibility. Over 30% of the children attending the CADin Centre are supported by a Social Fund.

CADin´s Objectives:

- To become a competence center of excellence in Europe for the treatment and intervention in matters of development disorders in children and young people;

- To become a world reference in research in the areas of Pediatric Neurology, child psychiatry and Pedofisiatria;

- Strengthening social intervention in the face of increasing demands by the population with low socio-economic resources;

- Extend the area of action at national level.

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