Logoplaste and the Environment

Logoplaste today is committed to improving the environment and is building its efforts through our environmental practices across the Company as well as with our Partners. Some examples of our initiatives to date include the following: 

"Green Dot Society" Portugal - This is an initiative that Logoplaste's Chairman set up in Portugal in 1993.  The national initiative is aimed at matching the commitment and actions taken in other countries who are actively promoting the "Green Dot" philosophy. Logoplaste is a founder shareholder of "Societe Ponto Verde" the Portuguese name for Green Dot Society - For more information about "green dot society" go to the links section of our website. 

Weight reduction in rigid plastic packaging is an important contributor to environmental practices. At Logoplaste we study all possibilities to reduce raw materials that make up our packaging designs and packaging production. In 2007, Logoplaste worked on a project to reduce the tonnage of PET and HDPE used in some of our packaging products, through the creation of a "short neck" bottle. The culmination of which is a reduction of 377 tons of PET and 226 tons of HDPE used per year. 

Plastic recycling is another important activity that Logoplaste, in collaboration with its partners, is keen to promote and develop.  In particular, national food and beverage packaging standards linked to the use of recycled materials are increasing the scope of Logoplaste to engage in the use of recycled materials for rigid plastic packaging. In the UK for example, we are working with some of our clients to incorporate greater use of recycled HDPE and PET in our production.

Finally "carbon emissions" and energy usage studies are helping Logoplaste to address actions and initiatives in all areas of our business. Renewable energy installations such as the photovoltaic station installed in our headquarters facility in Cascais will help us make steps towards creating a fully autonomous energy generation source for our building. 

And of course, encouraging our employees to recycle their waste packaging in the work place is a fundamental part of our Company policy.